Ehsan rezaei

Bachelor of Law/ Master of private law
Art field: Literature and conceptual art
Group exhibition:
2020, Borjass dialogue-based projects, The Collection of Pains, Isoo gallery, Amol
2019, Borjass dialogue-based projects, Isoo gallery, Amol

Other activities:
Art-literary activity at two fields of poem and story from 1996 at poem and story workshop of Amol
Member of Amol literature community board of directors
Publishing poetry book, Still Shedding Horse of My Wearied Tether

(Ehsan Rezaee, Persian poem of 14 century, Nimajh publication, 1100 copies, 2013, 76 pages)
The boss of poem and story free workshop of Amol(for one year)
Juror at poem festivals at provincial level



The intention to do one thing does not mean to deny one another, especially in the name of the great men, each of whom is one of the foundations of Persian literature. When you scroll through their books, it’s usually about self-control and the rules of chivalry, with examples of ancient knowledge. They were a theologian people who have been told a lot and still are and will be later. But when it comes to man’s need for love, all of a sudden, those big guys lose their big, and in their nightlife with a woman, they get completely transformed and become greedy people who talk about these people. It sounds like this: Last night I was alone with that beautiful sweetheart / I begged her and she was constantly swank. Wow! Good attributes are for men, and beauty for faces and limbs for women. There are women here who like slaves to rule their slaves and to humiliate a man in bed. It is better to summarize the story … It is better to look at this kind of living. It is better to leave this history full of human wounds, because now there are words that have passed on to us the legacy of these sad traditions.

Empty, devoid of presence in self. In best situation ; Two-dimensional, the head as identity and the city as the graveyard, the media has placed itself in our skull, and we think through that secret thing. The other is not us, but we are tge other. We have to look at the world and even ourselves through its controlling eyes. Goethe’s Mephistopheles and Ferdowsi’s Zahhak are gathered in one frame. We are the killer and the victim. We are swallowed.

Yoy are with us?
Invaid and go…
You are against us!
Stay and die.