Forouzan Soleymani

Born in January 18th- 1990 Iran-Karaj Art bachelor, 2011 2007, the beginning of the professional activity at visual art field 2015, the experience of establishing and managing Isoo Gallery, Amol The internal manager of Borjass art group and Borjass dialogue-based projects 2010 till now, managing of Resident in Crumple academy, Amol 2015 till now, arranging 60 exhibitions of internal and foriegn artists at Isoo Gallery, Amol 2010 till now, teaching art, Resident in Crumple academy, Amol Exhibitions Arranging 2 solo exhibitions and 70 group exhibitions Among… Solo exhibition 2019, Snow Drop Rout, Isoo gallery, Amol 2017, Slush, Isoo gallery, Amol Group exhibition 2019, invitee at Ostrale Biennale, Borjass art group, Dresden, Germany 2020, Contemporary art exhibition with the subject of Collection of Pains, Borjass dialogue-based projects, Isoo gallery, Amol

2019, Contemporary art exhibition with the subject of Atomization, Borjass dialogue-based projects, Isoo gallery 2019, drawing and painting group exhibition, Devious Tune of Silence, Gozar gallery, Isfahan 2017, Contemporary art exhibition, Borjass projects, Aaraan gallery, Tehran 2016, Contemporary art exhibition, Borjass projects, Aaraan gallery, Tehran 2016, painting and drawing exhibition, Borjass projects, Art gallery, Sari 2011, participating at conceptual art exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2010-2012, participating at 4 courses of conceptual art at exterior space 2010, Resident in Crumple group exhibition with some contemporary artists of Iran, Imam Ali community center, Karaj 2009, new art exhibition, Zanjan university, Zanjan Etc… Curating 2019, Borjass dialogue-based projects, Collection of Pains, Isoo gallery, Amol 2010-2019, arranging 15 courses exhibition of art bieginers artworks of Resident in Crumple academy 2018, Amol painting artists, Isoo gallery, Amol 2018-2015, arranging 4 courses of contemporary drawing, Isoo gallery, Amol

2016, New generation artists, contemporary art, Isoo gallery, Amol 2015, Group exhibition of several Iranian artist for the opening of Isoo gallery, in cooperation with Hamid Asadzade, Isoo gallery, Amol 2008, painting group exhibition, Zanjan museum, Zanjan Etc… Dialogue-based talks 2019, talk with the subject of conversation about Collection of Pains project, Isoo gallery, Amol 2015 till now, arranging 30 experimental talk with internal and foreign artists, Isoo gallery, Amol 2010 till now, arranging movie, music, visual and theatre, critic and exploration sessions, Isoo gallery and Resident in Crumple academy, Amol 2010 till now, host of poem and literature sessions of Monday Evening, Isoo gallery and Resident in Crumple academy Etc… Other activities 2010 till now, group making some video arts and presenting some performances and environment art For instants: Hours, Rope, At the begging of “Day” month, Snow Drop Rout,  unerary Monument

Victims of victims of victims

In the cycle of a crime, the torturer, the tortured, and the torture tool are all three silent victims. Victims who fully accept their role in the cycle and begin to play a role. Outdated laws are a silent and common form of torture for a society in which the aggressor is constantly being raped. The victims are buried in a live cemetery, and they are the forgotten prisoners of life. Prisoners who praise prison and sit in cells which does not have door, facing the wall. This prison is full of solitary confinement cells that drown human beings in isolation, human beings who victimize and become victim …

About work

Choke Pear A pear-shaped torture device placed inside the victim’s vagina or anus. The device consists of four leaves that are gently separated from each other; As the torturer turns the screw on the device. It depends on the torturer’s decision to just tear the skin or maximize the pear and make the victim disable. Sometimes human behavior in a situation reconstructs something like torture, in the sharia form of a scenario even the torturer and the tortured and the tools of torture are present, behind the simplest behaviors and words and thoughts. Child marriage is a possibility. The possibility that is confirmed when the law or custom is compromised and they try to cover up the concept of aggression. In this cycle, I tried to place the victims of a faulty system in three separate but similar, traditional, burnt-out frames. A little girl with a bridal tour with torture tools in hand. The man who took the bride’s net in his fist and the tool that is the instrument of torture. All three are victims of the understanding of communication and aggression, which is widely acknowledged and defined as a way of life.

Spousal night a special with its dedicated acts, which gives the two bodies the ability to intercourse canonically. In the old days, a kind of hanky had been used for this evening which was embroidered and they would put it in the room where intercourse would be done, some of the guests would wait behind the door to see the hanky that must be bloody unless the would refuse the bought stuff. This custom is still exist in some parts of Iran. I chose this custom to raise the issue of virginity as a question in the discussions. The issue that has not been resolved and has been hidden and the immaturity of our minds express this issue to supress and eulogy at a crucial time. A society that decides for human body and their most private part. I who virgin my body up to spousal night or if I use that I would repair it for spousal night to hide my need and satisfy the desire of hearing lie of some other person. or in the third case to counter this petrifaction I choose some other petrifaction, I repose my body in a sex just for some hours to brake this structure that I can get rid of this taboo, any way I don’t match my body with my mind , Rather, it is accompanied by repression training. can hand you your hand and your body to use for you, you can go to your site to get rid of this taboo, in any case I use. My body is not accompany with my desire but it accompanies with repress training. I painted hankies which contain virginity blood stains in the burned traditional frames and put a hanky as a real document in a bigger frame. The rotten tradition that has not been solved is only exist hidden to the limit of my society. Our bodies are the tools of domination and our minds in the pledge of collective customs and dogma. What is a taboo and how can keeping a taboo vague help to reinforce the dictator repression? We are the victims of the victims of the victims. People who are the victims of the other one and the other one who is the victim of a system and a systems which are the victims of failed ideals and visions. Man is imprisoned with his body. Its body will be raped, the body is a spy tool and the most private part of his body is feature of judgment and examination for the other one.


Snow-drop root They named this flower a name: Regret! In Persian, this is a special kind of flower. In the last days of  winter, It grows under the snow and blossoms out. The onion is small and Its leaves are like a lily leaf The flower onion is small and its petals are sometimes white, sometimes bright yellow and sometimes bright red. Because it wishes to see the spring, but because It grows early in the winter, disappears before thispring comes. women are survivors of war… the warriors who defend their last heart, the roots of their lost affection.