Saeed yaghoobi



Poet,writer,cartoonist,tranclator and literay and artistic critic

Seal off Language gave identity to words. Words had meaning and power; words were flowing, they had no expiration date. They were increate and eternal. The word truth was one of those words, peace was one of those! History took man to the dark crypt of consumption, everything changed, words changed. Along with their concepts, they were entered into the everyday basket, labeled with a price tag, and spent on everyday buying and selling, like commodities. But some words were sacred, and the fall of those words was more painful because they carried great dreams and played a big role in the signage. The politicians had been boasting about them for a long time, and had repeatedly drawn those words to others. The repetition symbolized these words; they were branded and inevitably entered the branding cycle. Now people have authentic badges to show on a large scale to others! The world of capital had created brands for the plunder of wealth; the words were branded, consumed, depleted, and … What remained was the absolute concept of pain in the human soul, a man who made himself and consumed himself but could not reduce his own pains; so he came to an emptiness, the emptiness resulting from the dissonance between seeking the meaning of the world and its meaninglessness. Human-simulated vocabulary has never been able to relieve his old pain. They were like glittering garments on the human body that inevitably broke, and that day was a day of nakedness, of nakedness, of pain … as of a white-page nakedness, with empty signs of meaning, as always a sign of shaky signature… human!
About work The main feeling I had about the concept of my work was the concept of freedom and the concept of human rights. How much in the world today, this concepts are perverted. The first idea was to highlight the signs of freedom and human rights in today’s world. My goal was to show the irrelevant and worthless proliferation of these signs and brands in today’s negligent world. After that, I thought about the method of execution and tried to both object to it and make the relationship with the audience interactive. That is, the audience can participate in it. The petition was established as a mass media outlet, and I decided to use the petition form and repeat the symptoms on the form. The relentless repetition of visual symbols, which in their essence have great meanings, reaches a meaningful space on the scroll, causing those signs to be virtually devoid of meaning. Most of these signs are about freedom. My point about freedom is that freedom is not an absolute concept. It’s not like we want to think that a society is free or not. Freedom is a kind of functional concept, and we need to look at its dimensions precisely within the context of the freedom to function in that particular society. Social unity is at the root of differences, and when it comes to recognizing differences, people must have freedom. But this is a path, that is, zero and one. But global and national organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Human Rights Organization, which claim freedom, and especially human rights, find it ridiculous in that definition, because they are not only adhering to the original definition, but even to the role of the definition. And their own formality has been neglected!

We were at war. We were hungry. We must survive. We shared the food. The quota of each of us was engraved on colored paper. We rationed. We did not forget about rationing. We kept the rations alive with the old frameworks. We were rationed. We lived in an old framework. We breathe in old frames. We get rations. We engrave on colored paper. We must survive. We are hungry. We are at war…

For years, speakers have been shouting the word honor. They considered blind zeal to be a virtue. The victims of the murders were found guilty instead of the killers. Because there is no proportionality between crime and punishment. Now it is the blood that stains the days. Now is the time to smell a woman’s blood every day. We count the days. The leaves are leafing. We look at the death of color. Let’s take a look at how we killed colors. How we hid the truth behind a black cover. How did we teach the girls to pretend … The girls practiced how to hide. They learned that beauty is crime.They practiced the difference between home and school . They learned to hide in silence. Cry in silence and beheaded in silence!
Our calendar is now counting the days of killing!