Sarina Fazeli

Iran, Amol
Drawer, painter
Group exhibitions:
2020, Borjass projects, Collection of Pains, Isoo gallery, Amol

2019, Borjass projects, Atomization, Isoo gallery, Amol
2018, New Generation Artists, Zar gallery, Amol
2018, Amol artists exhibition, Isoo gallery, Amol

2018, Resident in Crumple group exhibition, Isoo gallery, Amol
2017, Mazandaran artists, Zar gallery, Amol
2017, Mazandaran artists exhibition, Art gallery, Nour
2017, Resident in Crumple group exhibition, Isoo gallery, Amol

Nobody asked us if you like the clothes you wear, nobody asked what your real need of education is.
Nobody asked what your definition of life would be. What do you like and what do you hate, what is your taste in color and style of your clothes?!!
The clothes with same color and shape, the benches with same color and shape.
Every day on the line, just like yesterday, the day before yesterday and other days teacher shouted loudly: Faaall in…
We are accused to repeat a behavior that we neither understand nor do we like it…
One book and one look for everyone, one task for everyone, how is it possible that a drug be prescribed for different diseases!!!!
All the same just like the dolls which are quickly produced in the factory for consumption and without figuring out themselves, the life, love, the second and many other things, repetitive, boring and parrot-like…
It passes, pass, that’s it…

Tree to four

Stagnant in regular frames and wrapped in identical coatings.Staring at the blackboard, Each one looks like the other. We are all resolved and the differences fade little by the meantime, no one can find himself. Himself, his purpose and his path. Years spent on rotten chairs and goodies ,it decays to the hearts and minds and we’re still getting ready for that big day ( Examination Day). About work In the Collection of Pains project I tried to target the identity vacuum created by education. In this collection, my work consists of two parts. In one section I collected some 3×4 photos of high school students. Portraits in the same frame and structure, all with similar coverings. I also eliminated that little bit of distinction factor to emphasize on equalization of education system by ruining faces by acid. I then montage the photos into a worn out, old school chair. Where these images and minds belong. The other part of my work contains a bulletin board filled with workbooks with nineteen and twenty scores. The result of years of sitting behind benches and chairs with attached 3×4, faceless photos. Faceless and ruined individuality that have grown in each of them over the years and have been repeatedly suppressed on the pretext of absurd ideals such as entrance exams.

We spend many days at school. We get bigger year by year, but we don’t grow. We are all resembling one another and solving in the environment we are in. Our desires, needs, and motivations are crushed under the banner of the school’s strict laws and what results is a worn out, submissive body and soul that is now sacrificing itself for tomorrow. Professional copywriters, alien to themselves, who have become accustomed to finding ways just in predetermined options; keepers of complex formulas that block the way of imagination in our minds. Behind these desks the dynamic moments and opportunities of pure teenage experience got repressed and every laughing sound was silenced by the teacher’s hand.