Toorang Soleimani

Iran / Amol
Master of Graphics
Designer, video artist
individual exhibition :
1396, Madness, Eternal Gallery, Tehran
2016, Magnet 2, ISO Gallery, Amol
1394 Magnet 1, Zar Gallery, Amol
group exhibition :
1398, Borjas projects entitled (Atomize), ISO Gallery, Amol
1396, Specialized group exhibition of thematic design, ISO Gallery, Amol

2016 The second specialized design exhibition of a project by Borjas, ISO Gallery, Amol
2016, self-portrait group exhibition, ISO Gallery, Amol
2016, Painting Exhibition of Moghim Art Group, Iso Gallery, Amol
1394, Painting Exhibition, Iso Gallery, Amol
1394, Painting Exhibition on the Occasion of the Opening of ISO Gallery, ISO Gallery, Amol
2014, group exhibition of art residing in Machaleh entitled Barjast, Art Gallery, Sari
2014, Drawing and Painting Exhibition of Moghim Group in Machaleh, Zar Gallery, Amol

2013, group exhibition does not happen in an instant, Art Gallery, Sari
2013, group exhibition with art school residing in Machaleh and Mazandaran artists, Zar Gallery, Amol
2013, Group Exhibition of Design and Painting, Zar Gallery, Amol
2012, Specialized Design Group Exhibition, Zar Gallery, Amol
Other records:
1397, Student Design and Painting Exhibition, Zar Gallery, Amol
5 years of teaching experience in the field of music

Instagram :toorangsoleimani
Channel telegram: toorangsoleimanichannel

Black box

Historical events identify numbers and every period of history leaves numerous perusals and interpretations of these events. Sometimes these interpretations are well-intentioned and sometimes profitable. Some of these numbers are reminder of victory, some are reminder of failure and sometimes they are reminders of both! But among such interpretations, “the reality” has been always obscure. The reality is buried under tons of interpretations and speculates which made me a dizzy man who is unable to distinguish between realities and illusions.

The present work consists of a hollow cube frame with a mirror in the floor space, above and in front of the mirror are 2 round magnets that were printed with a picture of a clock on them.On the main part of the work, there is a printed image of several crumpled and deformed faces, on which the image of small magnets has been cast. Now the audience can enter the work and physically interact with the magnet installed under the image, move the chips and create infinite shapes and forms, which are moving at any moment and like a live body the deformed images are moving around. These moving chips over time leave traces of scratches on the image below

Finally, the path ahead. Our destination is where we end up.
Now, the clearer we step on the path, the more we identify our familiar identity with ourselves.
The passage of time reflects the light filled with our identity and leads the way to the unknown end.
As time goes on, as well as the growth of a green plant in the heart of the mountain, it becomes anonymity and destruction.
It lives and grows inside us.
Our body is like a ruined house in the cracks
It sits on the wall and aligns with it. It takes a plan and a life.
We are confronted with an unknown story that of our human identity, the lands, the lands,
The Skies The Skies are far away. We walk and walk and walk along the path of the sky.
In our reflection, in the image of our daily emptiness, which is like rocks and stones.
We become what we are not. We become a corpse on the roof of the sky
We hang ourselves and close the door on ourselves and breathe our poisonous air.
We close our eyes to everything we see and blindly turn away from the path and turn a blind eye and borrow stones, scattering in it all over the world;
like me…
Like you…
We close our eyes in vain and look at the nothingness and emptiness of time.